Haupt Construction

Our Services


We have the earth moving equipment to do all types of grading work. With excavators, bulldozers, motor scrapers, loaders, motor graders, dump trucks, etc., we do the early rough grading all the way to the fine grading and finishing work. We are often the first ones on a project and one of the last when finishing up a job. We will leave the site ready for seeding, sodding and landscaping.


We have been licensed to blast for 20 years and have used explosives on many projects when breaking rock with a hammer isn’t enough.

We hire an outside engineering firm to monitor all of our blasts and we have a perfect safety record.

Fly Ash

We have the equipment and a skilled crew to do the fly ash required under asphalt and concrete paved areas.

Land Clearing

We can clear whatever is necessary. In some situations, we will grind trees into mulch to use during later phases of the project. We will haul off (or burn where allowed) any excess debris.


Aggregate Base


When necessary, we can crush rock and, if needed, use it in other areas of the project.

Erosion Control